24. august 2017

Are you ready for LinkedIn to become like Facebook?


When some people try to describe their jobs, "text cannot capture the work," said Pete Davies, a group product manager at the company. But when you can record those kinds of jobs, he added, "we find they make for stunning visuals."

George Slefo, Advertising Age

LinkedIn has begun the global roll out of its native video offering to its 500 million plus user base after it began testing last month. 

On iOS and Android, the LinkedIn app is getting a video creation tool which will let you record a new video or upload one you've already taken.  

Launching native video on LinkedIn is a long time coming as they have been famously slow to update their platform unlike their social networking counterparts. 

Until now, users have been able to post YouTube links, but haven’t been able to upload something they’ve shot from their mobile.  

Videos will autoplay without sound, and company videos are expected soon.  

LinkedIn say users who have shared video mainly fall into three core buckets: videos about a work project; behind-the-scenes of events; and tutorials.  And the initial results are positive – with users sharing video 20 times more than images and posts. 

The video feature could serve companies well, but the jury’s out on whether it will take off with how most of us use the platform (accepting new connections, stalking someone).  Be prepared for now to receive a flurry of videos over the coming weeks and months, as your connections and companies you follow, discover (or not) LinkedIn’s video button.

Tom Edge
Tom Edge
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