• Because first impressions matter in a long-term relationship

While some favour brief encounters, YouSee prefers long term relationships. That’s why our customers will now enjoy even more: YouSee More.


The market moves rapidly and loyalty is fleeting

It’s virtually impossible to compete on price in the entertainment, internet and mobile markets because small providers spring up overnight like mushrooms to offer extremely reduced prices to expand their customer data base quickly. And it works. 


YouSee has other plans for its customers, because at YouSee we prefer sustained, stable relationships. That’s why we offer something more: Value-added-services (VAS). In plain English, a VAS is a service that gives the customer added value. And this added value service (or services) help to ensure that customers get more for their money by being a YouSee customer. 


But how can YouSee avoid these offers being overlooked and gathering dust? There’s no added value if customers fail to avail of their benefits consistently.


First impressions last a lifetime

A benefit is only a benefit when it interests the customer. Otherwise the benefit just feels like that item you forgot at the checkout and never brought home. 


First impression last and this applies to benefit programs as well. It’s not enough to have valuable content – it must also appear attractive, to excite the customer’s interest and engagement right from the first encounter. Ideally it should exude quality and a hint of magic, otherwise attention will be lost. That’s why we expended a great deal of energy on our launch and content, to grab everyone’s attention from the get go, creating an optimal first impression. Because if customers say no thanks just once, it’s very hard to change their minds. 


The insights we gained tell us that customers think that freedom of choice is one of the great advantages of the program. So we make sure to communicate this, again and again.


Data, insight and intelligence keep benefits relevant, taken together with customer experiences

With YouSee More the customer gains a wide range of benefits. It’s possible to choose between e-books, music, movies, additional mobile data and lots more. The number of benefits a customer can choose depends on the number of product subscriptions the customer has with YouSee. More products equals more benefits. In the email invitation we included a personalised video to increase relevance and focus attention. The teaser element was a Google Street View image of the customer’s own address. 


By using automated rendering of videos in real time we were able to create thousands of 1:1 videos for very little outlay. These individualised films used customer data combined with Google Street View and merged the customer’s current products into the film launch. By being ultra-personal in content we could launch YouSee More as a program that was customised to the individual – using a stylistically uncluttered design and greatly simplified UX to make the experience intuitive and attractive across devices.


Of course, a great first impression isn’t enough. So when a customer has selected his preferred benefits, we inform about the individual benefits. We also regularly check if benefits are being used and if not, we encourage users to switch benefits. In this way, the email trail keeps customers inspired and active. And this helps remind customers of the added value inherent in being part of YouSee.


With open rates right up to 85% – on average 70% – we have created an effective launch campaign

Click to open rates also show a substantial 72% with click through rates at 65%. Every day YouSee expands with 1,000 added members.

“YouSee More is a benefits program that combines data with experience, automation with aesthetics and gives the customer a cool and inspiring overall experience, on all devices. Simply put, YouSee More gives the customer more.” Lasse Schmidt, Marketing Automation Tribe at YouSee.

Both customer automation and involvement in YouSee More are flourishing and the launch involving personalised film content succeeded brilliantly. All signs point to the establishment of a stable and sustained relationship between YouSee and its customers.


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Janne Aunvig

Janne Aunvig

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