Always as 
never before

You may be 170 years old, but you can still be a digital pioneer. Tivoli’s hallowed pleasure gardens are leading the way in terms of creating a cohesive, omni-channel experience for their visitors — an experience as enthralling as the Gardens themselves.

Tivoli approached Magnetix with the declared intention of astonishing their visitors — and a feeling that it was not exactly happening online. The result was not just a website, but the beginning of strategic collaboration to fulfil the dream of a perfect, channel-independent, visitor experience.

The Tivoli-Magnetix association was based on a simple and easy-to-understand vision: a modern fairy tale told from the visitor’s point of view about the perfect visit to Tivoli, in which all channels interact to convey the Tivoli spirit, in which the experience is personal without being aggressive, and in which promises on the Internet are kept in the Gardens — and vice versa.

A personal experience to captivate visitors, not just in the Gardens, but across all channels, providing a good reason for returning day after day and year after year — generated by insight into visitors’ needs and behaviour. A true omni-channel experience.

Since 2012 Tivoli has changed: from obsolete platforms in a fragmented IT landscape into a cohesive experience on web, mobile phone, shop, self-service kiosk, email, direct mail and app — all with the visitor at the centre.

Ambitious roadmap with organisational support

It takes more than a couple of months to tackle this sort of task. But it is worth tackling well. That is why Tivoli and Magnetix are working together on the basis of a roadmap for the development of the all-media visitor experience; a 4-year plan which, while now halfway towards its target, has made Tivoli an industry leader — and with several awards to boot.

It is a long-term strategic plan to realise the vision. Both IT investment and business plans support the overall goal: a unique and captivating visitor experience, in which visitors are both recognised and acknowledged across channels. We have come a long way, but there’s still a way to go.

It is a journey that involves everything from heavy duty IT integration (you can only achieve genuine omni-channel with total technical cohesion) to quirky paper clips for distribution to subscribers (what is the point of all channels interacting if the visitor cannot see the connection?). A journey towards a new reality: from swings and roundabouts to geo-targeting.

A cohesive, start-to-finish experience for a visitor’s encounter with Tivoli

From start to finish, Tivoli’s visitors are given a consistent brand experience with a clear connection between the physical gardens and digital design, all with the same wealth of quirky details. Tivoli’s mobile presence reinforces the physical visit. When visitors are outside the Gardens, it lures them in with the week’s programme of events. Once they are inside Tivoli, it displays that day’s programme and a map of the Gardens, so visitors can easily find their way to the next concert, performance or Rasmus Klump guided tour.

The latest installment is the Tivoli app, which serves both as a digital season ticket and an interactive map to round off visitors’ experience of the Gardens. Even the physical self-service kiosks have been built on the same platform as the web and mobile phone (Sitecore) and are part of the same solution across physical and digital channels.

The positive experience is extended — before and after the visit — in a comprehensive programme of dialogue and newsletters. Messages are personalised and are differentiated — for example, on the basis of interests provided on the website, season ticket status, and frequency of visits to the Gardens.


Increased turnover in Tivoli’s webshop


Increased turnover in the self-service kiosks

4,4 mio.

Visits on in 2013

A long day’s journey into… omni-channel

Tivoli’s digital marketing has made great strides in a short time — but we can look forward to even more in the future — for example, even more advances, more automated dialogue, and “predictive personalisation” which customises our digital provisions to match your visitor profile.

A Brave New World in the age-old Gardens — but not unfamiliar. After all, the Gardens have always been like never before.


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