Strong brand stirs strong emotions

For 240 years, Royal Copenhagen has been creating strong emotional ties with its customers. The brand nurtures passion and commitment, and by working determinedly with campaigns that create involvement, for example on social media, the company has achieved the same strong, emotional ties in digital channels.

Content worth sharing

Primarily, Royal Copenhagen’s campaigns are a study in creating engaging content to excite their clientele.

The ‘Blue Elements’ campaign persuaded more than 15,000 people to pick, snap and comment on their favourite detail in the porcelain’s pattern. ‘A Star-Studded Christmas’ succeeded in creating more than 16,000 Royal Copenhagen ambassadors, all of whom sent an email to a friend. Meanwhile, the ‘100 Cups & Mugs’ campaign inspired more than 10,000 people to take a photo of a perfect moment and to share it on Instagram with the hashtag #ElevatingMoments.

Royal Copenhagen fans capture beautiful moments on Instagram with the hashtag #elevatingmoments

Beautiful on all screens

All Royal Copenhagen’s campaigns are designed as responsive solutions with high aesthetic quality.

Royal Copenhagen’s market segment has high demands in terms of aesthetic experience. Therefore, every campaign is designed to ensure that both the product and the concept come into their own on both small and large screens, whether large dishes on small mobile screens or delicate little details of patterns on the largest desktop displays.

A digital 240-year-old

Every single campaign is a reinterpretation of Royal Copenhagen’s visual heritage in a digital age.

How can one convey all the tactile and aesthetic qualities of Royal Copenhagen’s products on a screen? With an innovative approach to user involvement and a sense for reproducing visual details, the products are transformed into a digital experience, which can convey the brand’s proud legacy to a contemporary audience.

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Jimmi Eriksen

Director of Campaign Services, Partner

(+45) 8838 3010