It goes without saying that the 2015 membership service is digital – and social. Members can access all services, complete relevant forms and take part in courses via My HK. My HK is a member’s personal entry point to HK’s digital services, providing access to meeting other members.

HK is the second-largest trade union in Denmark and has a declared mission to be a standard-bearer in the digital revolution.

Like all traditional trade unions, in recent years HK has been losing members. This loss accelerated in 2002, when trade union members were given freedom in their choice of unemployment insurance fund. However, since 2011 this tendency has slowed down, mainly because of the digital repositioning, with which Magnetix has helped HK. HK is now heading towards the digital foundation, which will lead the trade union into the digitised, individualised, globalised labour market of the 21st century.

Digitisation is not just about the web. Digitisation is the technological foundation for meeting members on their own terms.


Work, salary and career are as complicated as they are important. If they are to remain relevant, HK must be able to provide their members with value in a fragmented labour market, in which the individual is more isolated than ever before. So the union is developing a battery of digital utilities to give members a stronger position in that labour market.


While the strength of the trade union lies in its community, that community is made up of individuals, each of whom must have value. In other words, HK must be relevant to each of its 250,000 members. This requires a widespread level of personalisation: for example, in the form of communication that relates to their particular jobs.


HK’s salary statistics are a unique provision for HK’s members. The statistics provide its members with a more in-depth, more reliable basis for assessing their pay than any other trade union can offer.

Now those statistics are much more user-friendly, even for people with no statistical education. The statistics have been made vivid and accessible by focusing on the individual and by investing figures with an interactive, colloquial expression.

”The salary statistics are one of the jewels in the HK crown. We are proud of their extensive data, which make them a unique basis for a member’s pay negotiations. Following the re-launch, we can now also be proud of the experience a member gets, when she uses the salary statistics.”

Michala Svane. Head of Member Communication and Marketing, HK


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Caroline Bernsdorf

Caroline Bernsdorf

Senior Consultant

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