• When a residential street, a spring song and the world's best burger went digital

Through unique geodata and an interactive map, you can learn about your new neighbourhood and everyone who lives there, before deciding whether to move in.


How can one best help interested buyers to qualify their choice to move? And can you use the Danes' knowledge of their local area to revolutionise the digital housing presentation?

Technology can bring people and experiences closely together. This means brand new marketing opportunities - and a generation of consumers who make tremendous demands on the digital experience.  In addition, when it comes to home sales; Why should one use a travel card to experience the house and neighbourhood one is considering?  And can one get more than great pictures and talks from an online housing presentation?  With Magnetix, Danbolig has created a brand new digital service that will redefine the standards for online housing information dissemination. 


Our neighbourhood is an authentic meeting place for Denmark's 2,000 neighbourhoods and a brand-new way to discover your next home.

The solution is based on the premise that a home is more than brick, Rockwool and a great kitchen. It is also the smell from the local bakery, the vegetable market down by the bend, and the ditch in the bike path, which one gets used to avoiding. The most valuable housing presentation is, therefore, the one that provides buyers with unique insights about both the home and its surroundings. In an intuitive navigation system, the user can move from neighbourhood to neighbourhood - including exploring the interactive maps, where user-generated hotspots combine with Danbolig's own pins, which point out shopping, tobogganing and much more. A mixture of psycho - and demographic data about the locations and data regarding the housing market provide users with a complete view of the neighbourhood” behind the facade”. 


Our neighbourhood is one of the more extensive projects included in Danbolig's digital strategy for 2017/18.

In addition to the digital campaign and media plan, Magnetix, in alliance with Geomatic, has been responsible for both technical development, rules for data coverage, the division of Denmark into relevant neighbourhoods, as well as creative execution in both design and text. The solution should motivate local people to enrich their neighbourhoods with data and work smoothly on all screens so buyers can hunt for housing everywhere. But first and foremost, the solution must be flexible so it is possible to detail, improve and develop the opportunities and data presented on the pages. Our neighbourhood is a never-ending story about the people, the communities and the secret nooks that make a home a home. 


Only a week has passed since Danes had the opportunity to put their favourite spots on the map. But already, we dare to venture a celebratory shout

"Great green area with ball games and playgrounds", writes Per about the Town Park in Ørestad, while Nis from Ebeltoft recommends Ebeltoft's sailing clubs and kayak clubs, where everyone is "welcomed". In Rønne, Mikael suggests the private bathing beach at Galløkken, and in Rungsted Eva recommends her favourite restaurants by the harbour. Throughout Denmark, the locals' favourite places are blinking and displaying their neighbourhoods from brand new pages. 

Ulrik Mailand

Ulrik Mailand

Alliance Director

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