The first responsive site in the real estate sector. The only semantic-free text search in the housing market. The purest focus on design in an otherwise somewhat noisy world. sets new standards for sites of its size and stature.

Everyone talks about responsive design. Fewer manage to implement it convincingly. Even fewer succeed in doing so with such a complex solution as is home to more than 10,000 housing presentations, receiving more than 1 million unique visitors per month and serving more than 600 million photos per year. Integration with danbolig’s estate agent system and a number of third-party suppliers makea things even more complicated. But, thanks to EPiServer 7.5, has been implemented responsively and with thorough fluidity. Consequently, the site adapts optimally to all screens without compromising on content and functionality.

Imagine searching for something other than “Detached house, Frederikshavn, 130-150 m2” — for example, “House with Poggenpohl kitchen and a school nearby.” On you can.

Not just a database lookup…

Property searching is a favourite hobby of the Danes, and Danish property sites are some of the country’s most popular websites. So everyone knows how to do a property search. Nonetheless, danbolig believed there was room for improvement: create a genuine free text search for all properties, so you can search for preciselywhat you want.

If you are searching for a flat on Islands Brygge, of course you have to be able to search for “Bryggen” and discover all the wonderful new apartments there — which are on danbolig’s books, of course. But are you looking for a flat with a balcony and a view of the water? Well, just write it! danbolig’s search engine was developed in association with Ankiro and is the only genuine semantic search in the industry.

The real estate sector’s digital leader

danbolig chose to welcome digital evolution with open arms. In the knowledge that it is here the housing market battle is going to take place, they decided to play an agenda-setting role. A groundbreaking responsive web design, an innovative, intelligent search function and a widespread omni-channel focus are just the first infant steps. The housing market is going digital - and danbolig are leading the way.

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Ulrik Mailand

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