• Can Brødrene Dahl Take On Amazon?

Even with the largest online turnover in Denmark, Brødrene Dahl cannot rest on their laurels, when there are giants lying in wait. But the plumbing wholesalers are ready for battle – and ePlan is one of their weapons.


How do you prepare for competition from global players like Amazon and Alibaba in a market where prices have traditionally been paramount?

As in most industries, selling toilets, pipes and valves is mainly about price. You have to be on the ball to attract and retain customers.

But what if new players lurk on the horizon? Players so big, that a price race to the bottom would be pure suicide?

Things have not yet got so rough for Brødrene Dahl, Denmark’s biggest plumbing wholesalers. But work on transforming their business is in full swing – and has been for a few years.  


Physical shops and well-run online trade are not incompatible – at least not in the plumbing sector. There is room for both, if you implement a strong, successful omni channel.

For several years, Brødrene Dahl have been undergoing digital transformation. The initial culmination was the launch of a new BD.dk in late 2017, and new digital solutions are constantly being added.

All aim at a closer connection between customers and Brødrene Dahl through value, knowledge and service. The stronger the relationship, the harder it will be for a customer to say goodbye.


But what value and knowledge cannot be copied/trumped by competitors with lower prices? ePlan, an impressive new service providing customers with transaction data and unique business insight.

ePlan is insight based on data about the customer’s purchase and delivery methods etc. In other words, Brødrene Dahl gives customers valuable information, on the basis of which customers can operate.

For example, you might collect all goods in a physical shop instead of getting them delivered and saving on transport time. It might be advantageous to opt for cheaper alternatives to certain types of goods.

Or maybe ePlan reveals lines of business, where you are weaker than comparable companies. 


The new BD.dk, ePlan and the services and solutions Brødrene Dahl have launched over the past couple of years all point in one direction: enhanced loyalty and a bigger share of wallet.

Twin studies have proved that customers, who participate in the various programmes and services in Brødrene Dahl’s online universe, have more turnover with Brødrene Dahl.

In fact, 14% higher turnover than customers outside the online programmes. Higher turnover is not the only advantage. Loyalty is also greater.

Users of Brødrene Dahl’s online services churn 15% less than their twins, so overall there is a significant gain on the bottom line.   


Increase in turnover


churn reduction

Jimmi Eriksen

Director of Campaign Services, Partner

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