YouSee acquires new dialogue partner

Friday, November 7, 2014

Magnetix will provide knowledge-based dialogue for Denmark’s largest cable provider of television, telephony and broadband.

In the most concrete sense of the word, YouSee has a constant connection to well over a million customers. With their palette of TV, broadband, radio and telephony (including mobile), YouSee can accommodate all the digital needs of their customers. Now they have chosen Magnetix as a new agency partner to create dialogue, which will connect customers even more closely to YouSee, helping them to use and appreciate the brand’s multitude of options.

COO Christina Rind Helsbro sees great potential in the new partnership:

“We are more than aware that the triumvirate in the market right now consists of content, knowledge and intelligent use of technology. In all three areas, YouSee has a great foundation for creating pioneering solutions. Not only can we get very close to customers on the basis of a wealth of exciting data, but we can also actually offer relevant, world-class content – for example, via YouSee Play.”

Magnetix is already in the process of tackling the first tasks for YouSee, because there was no question of any major, prolonged agency competition:

“We were on the lookout for a knowledge-based agency, but the capacity to translate knowledge into communication was also very important for us,” says Camilla Ramby, Marketing Director of TDC, about the process of choosing an agency. “First we identified the ones we considered interesting. Then we held some meetings, where we got to know them and assessed their approach, chemistry etc. Finally we made a decision and started negotiating the contract.”

So the process led to the selection of Magnetix as their new dialogue agency. Meanwhile, Magnetix’s Christina Rind Helsbro is delighted to be working with one of the largest customer bases in Denmark: “We see some very exciting prospects in developing personalised service communication, which can add value to the experience of being a YouSee customer. We have an opportunity to shape the whole way in which people consume digital media in everyday life, and create new and more satisfying usage patterns.”

Janne Aunvig

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