Widex choose Magnetix as their Global Partner

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Widex are aiming to strengthen their digital global lead programme and to increase the number of customers across markets. This will involve digital marketing, and they have chosen Magnetix as their global partner in this ambitious strategy.

They have lofty ambitions and a crystal clear goal when Widex roll out a new, streamlined, centralised lead programme i 9 markets: To create B2C leads, more traffic to their physical shops and maximum conversion. Initially, this will be implemented via digital channels, SEO, SEM, display and social.  

In this ambitious strategy, Widex, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hearing aids, have chosen Magnetix to assist them.

Morten Ellegaard Hessellund, their E-Business Director with global responsibility, explains why:

“We wanted to concentrate our digital marketing activities with one partner able to provide experience, insight and a broad range of skills - and that made Magnetix the ideal choice. They could help us streamline and prioritize our digital marketing mix and create more transparency in our business - something we prioritize very highly. I can also see plenty of opportunities for expanding the relationship in line with us rolling out further strategy initiatives.”

The first step for Magnetix was developing strategy market by market, as buying habits and thus value per lead vary. Hard targets were therefore defined for what a lead could cost for each market, and detailed calculations made on how many leads could be converted to store visits and thereafter to a sale. The lifetime value per end-customer per market was also analyzed and defined. 

Magnetix’s Client Service Director, Jimmi Eriksen says: “We have worked on the centralisation of digital marketing and execution for a number of clients who, like Widex, have a significant international presence. That has resulted in an increased effect of at least 20-25% across their goals and KPIs. So the cooperation with Widex fits in perfectly with our strategy of centralising and streamlining our clients’ digital efforts, and strengthening their business.”

Jesper Nyboe, Head of Media Buying at Magnetix, adds: “Media strategy must support the brand’s digital strategy, concentrating on living up to the digital goals that have been established. But, the moment you cross borders, there are a number of different dynamics involved. That is why it is essential for the strategy to be specific and consistent, while giving priority to local empathy. In short, as well as performing locally, markets must boost the brand collectively and also be measured on the basis of their capacity to do that.”

Widex - Facts


Widex are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hearing aids.


The company is family-owned and was founded in Denmark in 1956.


Today Widex sell hearing aids in about 100 countries throughout the world with a global workforce of more than 4,000.

Jimmi Eriksen

Director of Campaign Services, Partner

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