Velux and Magnetix form new business partnership

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The major Danish company, Velux, has selected Magnetix as their new business partner

In approximately 20 countries, Magnetix will help Velux with their digital marketing in the broadest sense of the term: everything from campaign strategy and communication concept to display advertising, search consultancy and the development of digital universes and utilities.

The initial joint projects will spotlight Velux¹s extensive portfolio of window accessories: for example, curtains and blinds. Velux has developed a vast number of unique products. But now is the time to elevate the marketing and actual presentation of the products to an equally high level.

"We¹re looking forward to launching the first
solutions together with Magnetix," says Lisbeth Collignon, who is Velux¹s
Director, Marketing Communication. "Both our brand and our products inspire
marketing that is relevant to our customers. But we need help in making it
easier and more appealing for them to get involved in our universe. It simply
needs to be easier to buy and easier to experience. Magnetix¹s strengths lie
not only in the classic digital marketing disciplines that create traffic and conversion, but also in the more experience-based aspects." Strategic Marketing Planner, Kenn Hoe Christensen adds: "Our dream is to create some fascinating utilities, which will become a natural and inspiring part of the user¹s journey. We fully expect that our new business partnership will enable us to do so."

Magnetix¹s Client Service Director, Jimmi Eriksen has the same high expectations of this partnership. "Velux has a clear vision of what direction their marketing should take, and that fits in very well with our expertise. We believe in the same basic principles. Place the user experience in the centre and create interactions which will be perceived much more as service procedure than as marketing influences. That offers
great potential for creating exciting solutions."

Jimmi Eriksen also believes that, in terms of value, there is a foundation for a positive business partnership. "We feel that we share really positive common ground. Velux¹s core values involve creating results out of a joint effort based on commitment, mutual respect and continuous improvement. We have the same principles for this strong partnership. In the old days a client would chuck a brief over the fence to an agency. The agency would then chuck back a solution and an invoice. That approach is a thing of the past. We believe much more in continuous, joint processes. And we have already established great cooperation with Velux¹s own creative team."

Velux were founded in Copenhagen in 1941. Today the Velux Group have production companies in 11 countries and sales divisions in 40. 

Velux are one of the biggest global brands in the construction material industry. The group employs a total of 10,000 staff, including 2,600 in Denmark.              

Jimmi Eriksen

Director of Campaign Services, Partner

(+45) 8838 3010