New app: Have the entire Tivoli Gardens in your hand

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Have Tivoli Gardens in your hand: Magnetix designs the official Tivoli Gardens app

Tivoli Gardens' new app will make the Tivoli experience even better. The app makes your season ticket digital so you always have it at your fingertips. It keeps you updated on exciting events, performances and concerts and, while you are visiting Tivoli, it can point you in the direction of completely new experiences!

Thomas Erichsen, Tivoli Gardens' Head of Marketing, is delighted about the new app. “People have been asking us for ages whether it wasn’t high time we had an app. But we decided that a Tivoli Gardens app should not be a stopgap measure, and rather something that could genuinely enhance the Tivoli Gardens experience — something both fascinating and practical for our visitors. Something to add real value to the Tivoli Gardens visit. Now we have it.”

The App is entirely focused on delivering the best imaginable Tivoli Gardens visit. When it detects that you are physically in Tivoli, the app gives you the opportunity to keep up-to-date with everything going on in the garden and points you in the direction of activities to capture your interest.

Magnetix provided the whole process from initial concept and design to the finished, coded app, and CEO Martin Bochineck shares Tivoli Gardens' excitement. “It’s an incredibly important step towards our shared vision of a genuine omni-channel experience. The website, the self-service kiosk and the app are constructed on a total solution and are fully integrated. This presents some totally new options for providing the visitor with fantastic service across channels.”

You can download the Tivoli Gardens App for free in the App Store and in Google Play to get the very best out of Tivoli Gardens.


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