A Tivoli Card Like Never Before

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Tivoli are giving their famous season card a makeover – Magnetix are helping them with the modernisation process.

Tivoli are revolutionising their relationship with visitors to the Gardens. In collaboration with Magnetix, Tivoli have designed a new version of their hallowed Tivoli Card. The Card has remained virtually the same for almost 20 years, while the Gardens (and the outside world for that matter) have been in a constant state of evolution.

The biggest change is the Card’s validity. Now a Tivoli Card is valid for 12 months, no matter what time of the year you buy one. Another brand new feature is the fact that you can now be a member of Tivoli on a subscription basis. For just DKK 40 a month, you get exactly the same benefits as ‘traditional’ Tivoli Card customers.

Jonas Buhl Gregersen, Vice President, IT at Tivoli, views the new Card options as part of an overall ambition to digitise the visitor experience: “At Tivoli we are well under way with a digital transformation that will forge a much stronger link between the physical visitor experience and the digital one. We want visitors to regard their relationship with Tivoli not as something bound up with the season ticket, but as being part of ‘experiences-as-service’. We have a myriad of exciting things up our sleeves, but, in IT and conceptual terms, the new Tivoli Card is a huge step in the right direction.” 

Michala Svane, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, explains that this move underpins a major strategic movement: “Tivoli’s goal is to be one of Copenhagen’s most important cultural and entertainment attractions throughout the year; not just at particular times. In that light it has always made sense to provide an annual pass. But now the technological options we have not only make that possible, but will also enhance the visitor experience. For example, we need to be able to communicate with each guest on the basis of his or her subscription cycle, not simply according to Tivoli’s calendar.” 

Changes to the Card’s function include the introduction of a new loyalty concept. ‘Tivoli Lux’ provides loyal visitors to the Gardens with additional benefits. “Tivoli Lux paves the way for a loyalty club that can grow in tandem with each and every guest, making it increasingly attractive on a personal level to remain a member. We have numerous initiatives in the pipeline to add even greater value to the Tivoli Card for Lux members. Tivoli will never be finished,” says Michala Svane.

Louise Stolberg Halby, Client Director at Magnetix Linked by Isobar is in charge of the collaboration with Tivoli. Of the new Tivoli Card, she says:”Needless to say, tampering with something as iconic as the Tivoli Card is pretty awesome. But we think that Tivoli are extremely wise in coming up with a more flexible product that corresponds to the lives of their visitors. We consider it a privilege to be helping them.”

Louise Stolberg Halby

Louise Stolberg Halby

Client Director

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