Magnetix becomes a Sitecore Gold Partner

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Magnetix is a Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner. The Gold Partnership is awarded to companies who are particularly adept at helping businesses to make the most of the Sitecore platform.

"Magnetix have been working with Sitecore for more than 10 years, and we greatly appreciate the recognition implicit in the Gold Partnership," says Martin Bochineck, CEO. "It proves that we are working not just on a Danish level, but also globally, and that we are one of the top operators in the Sitecore environment. It also emphasises that the unique fusion of competencies which Magnetix offer – design, communication, business and technical expertise - is the perfect foundation for creating innovative solutions using the Sitecore platform."

Martin Bochineck continues: "Sitecore’s evolution from a Content Management System to an Experience Platform corresponds perfectly with our own focus on being an omni-channel agency with the capacity to accommodate our customers’ every conceivable need. We consider it important to approach the platform with a strategic overview - and that helps us in our partnership with Sitecore."

Magnetix’s appointment as a Gold Partner follows closely on their work for the trade union, HK, which led to their being honoured as "Overall Winner: Sitecore Experience Awards 2014". In 2013, the agency’s work for ECCO received the same distinction. “Magnetix have a strong portfolio of Sitecore solutions, showing both the scope and depth of our Sitecore expertise. In addition to ECCO and HK, clients include Tivoli, Arriva, Damco and Lalandia”, says Robert Grøndahl Winther, CTO.  "26 of us help our clients on a daily basis to create compelling digital experiences on the Sitecore platform."

"The market is constantly making new demands, and the Sitecore platform, in particular, has evolved from a CMS to a Customer Experience and e-commerce platform. So our collaboration with partners has become more mature and even more essential. This makes more demands on our partners, and that is what we want to help them with," says Thomas G. Andersen, CEO of Sitecore Nordic. "Congratulations to Magnetixwith their appointment as Gold Partner.  It underlines Magnetix’s capacity to provide solutions based on Sitecore’s vision of Customer Experience Management. They have the skills to create unique, digital marketing solutions. In association with Sitecore, they help create value for clients in a digital landscape, which is constantly changing.”

About the Sitecore Experience Platform

The Sitecore Experience Platform consolidates web content management, marketing automation, email marketing, social media, e-commerce, optimisation and analytics in a unified platform. The Sitecore Experience Platform makes it easy to apply and gather knowledge about customers, not only via digital channels, but also through other points of contact, which customers have with the company. On the basis of that knowledge, the customer experience can be personalised automatically in real time.

Robert Grøndahl Winther

Grøndahl Winther

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