Scandlines Chooses New Agency for CRM and Marketing Automation

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Scandlines was looking for a new agency partner for CRM, dialogue strategy and marketing automation. Following a bidding round, the company has chosen Magnetix Linked by Isobar.

According to Christer Andersen, VP Group Marketing, the change of agency is part of a stronger focus on the digital customer experience: “We have high ambitions in terms of our future customer experience, and we were looking for an agency that could help us improve in three areas: strategy, technology and organisation. In this context we see Magnetix as the strongest partner: particularly with regards to their Nordic organisation with Isobar.”

New loyalty strategy for the Scandlines benefit programme

Strategic efforts include a strategy for the revitalisation of the Scandlines benefit programme, SMILE, to lend the programme a greater degree of customer relevance and resonance.

“In just a very short time we have acquired more than 700,000 members. But we can also see the potential of providing members with a stronger sense of obtaining value from their relationship with Scandlines, thereby increasing their involvement in the programme. We have already conducted a comprehensive analysis of the programme, and now Magnetix will help us translate that insight into a stronger SMILE with a greater capacity to get people involved,” says Christer Andersen.

The challenge – technology and organisation to support the strategy

“We need a more advanced technological platform to support our CRM and dialogue efforts if we want our ambitions to succeed,” continues Christer Andersen. “That means the task also involves helping us to establish a new marketing automation platform. I also personally believe that the customer experience needs to be deeply rooted in our own organisation and not be outsourced. That is why we have also asked Magnetix for their help in developing our organisation, so that in a short, we can run and maintain SMILE with our own marketing and CRM employees.”

Regarding the new cooperation, Martin Bochineck, CEO of Magnetix Linked by Isobar, adds: “We are really looking forward to getting started - both because we love working with the type of customer relations that Scandlines has, where we have an opportunity to build on insight and data, and because we believe Scandlines has great potential. We usually talk about 4 criteria for success: the ability to act on data; a strong strategic direction; an organisation that can carry out the strategy; and lastly an integrated technological platform. In terms of the latter, Scandlines has taken an important step with their choice of Adobe. So, we are really looking forward to assisting with the three others. Scandlines is also a significant operator in the world of Danish marketing, and we are proud to work with them.”

About Scandlines


With more than 42,000 departures shared by 8 ferries, in 2017 Scandlines transported a total of 7.6 million passengers, 1.8 million cars and more than 650,000 freight units and 38,000 buses on their Rødby-Puttgarden and Gedser-Rostock routes.


Today, under the Scandlines name, they market two high-capacity, high-frequency ferry routes and a green vision for the future. Their core business consists of providing an efficient, reliable transport service for both passengers and freight customers. The main focus of all Scandlines activities is creating value for customers both on board the ferries and in Scandlines shops.


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