New brand site for Oticon

Friday, July 29, 2016

The Danish hearing aid giant is launching a new website with Magnetix as concept and design partner.

Oticon, one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers, wanted a new platform that would improve user involvement and match their departure from traditional campaign-based marketing to a more holistic, always-on approach.

This required a more modern web solution, and Oticon chose Magnetix as their strategic and conceptual collaborator. The new brand site has now been launched on 

The key strategic starting point was the desire to create a website with structure and content that reflected realistic user journeys and challenges. Consequently, as part of the conceptual work, Magnetix conducted comprehensive research into the user journey and translated the resulting insights into a brand new site structure and new navigation principles.

“We are delighted to be able to help out in areas where users have a real need. We succeeded in identifying that need via a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods, ranging from interviews with hearing aid users and observations of audiologist consultations to web analytics and Search keyword mapping,” says Christina Rind Helsbro, COO at Magnetix and account manager for Oticon. 

What was the result? Christina Rind Helsbro explains: “The main result has been much greater focus on the realisation phase: that difficult process, in which prospective hearing aid users need to find the answers to certain questions. Am I losing my hearing? Can it get better? What will my life be like? Are there things I love, which I will no longer be able to do? We wanted to provide all the answers in a more user-friendly and involving way.”

Another strategic element of the solution is the concept of ​​breaking down the traditional distinction between B2B and B2C communication, creating a common communication channel which can tell a consistent brand story, regardless of the market segment a user belongs to.

The solution has the potential to enrich the content with additional relevant components when a user has ‘made him/herself known’, either by logging on or by their behaviour in the website. In the longer term, there will in principal be, for example, only a single product page for each product. This could then be enriched with personalised content targeted at audiologists, for example.

Magnetix provided the strategy, concept, UX and design for, while Oticon’s own development team implemented the final solution in Sitecore.

In addition to the work on, Magnetix collaborates with the William Demant Group on a number of other digital projects.


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