Magnetix made the new responsive

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

There’s never a dull moment in the garden of adventure. Magnetix has revitalized with a new, responsive design and takes yet another step towards the overall vision of the perfect guest experience.

Tivoli Gardens continues to live out its ambition to provide a world-class digital guest experience. Their latest project, in partnership with Magnetix, is ​​a complete revitalization of the Tivoli Gardens’ central website, 

Tivoli Gardens promises its guests to be "Always like never before", and their latest digital project helps fulfill this promise. The new website remains faithful to the Tivoli Gardens’ unique character, while at the same time offering a reinterpretation which strengthens the guest experience in every way — especially in terms of design and function. 

Accompanying the guest - before, during and after

According to Tivoli’s Marketing Manager, Thomas Erichsen, the new gives Tivoli Gardens' marketing a boost in several areas. "More and more of our guests are using our digital channels — our website, our app, etc. — as their companion and guide before, during and after their visit. That’s why it was important for us to make sure we have a strong, responsive presence across different devices, so the guest experience is consistent. Our new design is largely intended to interact with the physical visits to the Tivoli Gardens."

There are also other perspectives behind the reinterpretation, says Erichsen. "Tivoli Gardens has more to offer than rides, and we would like to provide more opportunities for development — for example, our exciting cultural offerings and our many dining options. Our new platform allows our theater performances and concerts to step more into focus as we are able to better reflect the atmosphere of the Tivoli Gardens, including the use of video."

Magnetix CEO, Martin Bochineck, welcomes yet another step towards the overall vision of the perfect guest experience. “Apart from being proud of a beautiful new website, we are focused on the complete digital journey.. We not finished with the development, of course, but with the technical possibilities provided by the new site, we have the perfect foundation for creating likable, endearing, personalized marketing in a league of it’s own."

Click HERE to visit Tivolis Gardens new responsive website.


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