Novozymes chooses Magnetix

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The leading bio-innovations company in the world has chosen Magnetix as their partner on their route to a new global e-commerce solution.

The Danish biotech giant, Novozymes, is in the process of conducting an extensive global B2B e-commerce project which will shift customer experience onto the same highly innovative level as the company’s products and initiatives in the area of sustainability. In both areas, Novozymes is one of the most innovative companies in the world. Now it is time for their B2B platform to catch up.

“We underwent a process in which we evaluated a number of different potential partners and set-ups,” says Johan Stubbe Østergaard, Head of Business Systems at Novozymes. “Magnetix turned out to be the best choice for us. They have a powerful combination of in-depth technical expertise and broad experience, together with many persuasive international references. Now we are just looking forward to getting the project underway.”

The solution will optimise the customer experience from product search to order tracking, and involves the implementation of global order-to-cash processes and individualised self-service universes for Novozymes’ customers.

“Getting to work with one of the world’s best and biggest companies in their field is a tremendous challenge,” says Martin Bochineck, CEO of Magnetix. “That applies not only to Novozymes themselves, but also to their customers, which include P&G, Unilever and Henkel. It raises the bar to the “best-in-class” level. This is exactly the kind of project that Magnetix lives for.”

SAP integration in cooperation with itelligence.

Novozymes has a complex product portfolio and many global customers, so there is great potential in making sure the SAP master data is optimally structured, and discovering the right architecture to get the data displayed in the web interface. To that end, Magnetix has introduced a set-up for their collaboration with Novozymes with SAP provider itelligence, which will help drive the potential for smooth, seamless e-commerce by means of the innovative use of data.

According to Jimmi Eriksen, Client Service Director, the interaction between Magnetix and itelligence has proven its strength in several projects in recent years: “We have discovered that we have a really good match with itelligence. They very much represent the same agile approach and close customer dialogue which we ourselves cultivate. Experience has shown that together, we will constitute a strong set-up when the project ranges all the way from heavy SAP integration to a sublime user experience.”

Jimmi Eriksen

Director of Campaign Services, Partner

(+45) 8838 3010