Nordea and Magnetix in Nordic Business Partnership

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The biggest bank in the Nordic Region has chosen a new digital partner.

After a major international agency competition, Nordea have chosen Magnetix as their new Nordic-level digital partner. This is a significant start for the agency’s Nordic internationalisation plans.

The first project is already in full swing: a web development project for Nordea’s Digital Banking division. The agency competition was very much about demonstrating the capacity to create cohesive cross-channel, cross-platform customer journeys. Nordea chose Magnetix’s proposal as the most innovative and promising.

COO, Christina Rind Helsbro says of the new project: “We are very excited about getting started on the work. Nordea have a team of passionate individuals who are very ambitious on behalf of both the customers and the bank. That is a wonderful combination. The banking world is one of the most exciting areas right now. It’s all about defining the customer experience of tomorrow. We are very proud of being allowed to help Nordea along the path to becoming the Nordic region’s leader in the areas of digital service and advice.”

Martin Bochineck, CEO of Magnetix, is particularly excited that the new partnership is particularly focused on the pan-Nordic perspective: “It is no secret that we would very much like to work internationally with our customers. It is an exciting challenge to create a platform for the digital banking experience, making it both consistent throughout the Nordic Region and relevant locally.”

Christina Rind Helsbro also points out that the actual character of the banking business is perfect for Magnetix’s strategic focus: “Creating a vision for the bank of tomorrow involves a really fascinating interaction between utilising the vast amounts of personal data in an intelligent way, generating qualified digital advice that still works on a very personal level like a physical meeting, and facilitating elegant, intuitive self-service across channels. In my opinion, this combination is a recipe for an archetypal Magnetix project, in which user experience, strategic channel coherence and utilisation of data come together.”


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