New, Inspirational Platform for COWI

Monday, January 29, 2018

Magnetix have helped the consultancy group to create a new global site. Visitors will encounter COWI visually and intuitively, in a way that reflects their interests.

The new global site provides COWI with a strong platform that can help raise awareness of the company’s projects all over the world. The site invites users to explore COWI’s copious projects and extensive expert knowledge.

This works by implementing exploratory navigation, based on tagging, relationships and natural language search forms. In other words, users can move around on the site purely on the basis of curiosity and interest, and without the limitations of a traditional, hierarchical structure. This makes for a more intuitive user experience and casts the spotlight on COWI’s solutions.

The new is the preliminary culmination of the digital journey, on which Magnetix and COWI embarked together in 2017.

“The result is a well conceived, modern site, which is a perfect representation of COWI and a source of great pride for us,” says Michael Pedersen, Vice President, People & Communication at COWI.

Christina Rind Helsbro, CCO at Magnetix, adds: “This is the first time for many years that COWI has had a new global site. We are delighted that they chose us for the project. We are hugely proud of the solution we have created together with them. It is an important first step in COWI’s digitisation strategy.” 

Visit the new website:

Caroline Bernsdorf

Caroline Bernsdorf

Senior Consultant

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