One Big Brushstroke Closer To The Vision

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The launch of the new Flügger website takes the company one step closer to their vision of a seamless, inspirational omni-channel experience for anyone with a housing project on the cards.

A site for all colours and shapes

All people are different, and so are our homes. We have certain types of room in common, but with a multitude of variations when it comes to materials, surfaces and styles. Our approach to housing projects is also very different. Some people can visualise the final result, while others need inspiration. Some are born Do-It-Yourselfers, while others are on shaky ground.

The new site takes everyone into account, offering inspiration, guidance, tips and/or tests – whatever you need. Hopefully this will make it easier to select the right products and the right treatment, whatever your starting point.

The focal point of a colourful vision

In late 2015, Flügger launched their innovative online Colour Selector, transforming the act of choosing colours into an effortless, interactive game. The new site is the next step towards their vision of a seamless, inspirational omni-channel experience for customers. The site is the focal point of this experience, because it brings all the threads together. It goes without saying that the design is responsive, so the experience lives across various smart phones and tablets.

A peek into the engine room

The launch of the site represents yet another milestone in Flügger’s journey towards a genuine omni-channel, in which all IT systems share information about customers. This journey began with a road map for the replacement of back-end systems, the upgrade of Microsoft Dynamics and a decision to make Sitecore 8.1 the hub for communication with customers. 

The commerce module in Sitecore will ultimately pave the way for a more seamless web shop solution for customers and will integrate product information with the site, since the maintenance of information takes place in Microsoft Dynamics. The interaction between physical shops and the upcoming web shop will also be guaranteed by virtue of the close integration between Sitecore and Microsoft Dynamics.

The new Flügger website has been launched in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Polish versions. See here


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