MyImage 2015: Magnetix strengthens their leading position

Monday, January 19, 2015

This year’s MyImage has been published and Magnetix has strengthened its top position among digital agencies: in terms of both awareness and brand position, the agency made great progress in 2014.

The annual research analysis from MyResearch has been published. Just as in 2014, the results of MyImage 2015 portray a vivid picture of Magnetix as Denmark’s leading digital agency.

In this year’s analysis, Magnetix comes out as overall Number One for the first time. But it also comes out at the top in terms of both Brand Position (the market’s assessment of what the agency is capable of and stands for) and Brand Strength, which is an overall expression for awareness and “momentum”: in other words, how many people would invite the agency to pitch. Altogether, this adds up to a significant first place in the so-called MyBrandPower model, which fuses the two dimensions in a single score.

“Obviously we are sincerely happy for the market’s judgement – and both grateful for and humbled by the confidence our customers entrust in us,” says Martin Bochineck, CEO of Magnetix. “And it is important for us that strength and position go hand in hand. We do not just want growth and awareness in the market at any price. Primarily, we want to stand for performance and quality.”

The analysis is based on responses from more than 700 professionals with responsibility for making market decisions. In Martin Bochineck’s opinion, that is precisely why the result has such importance for Magnetix.

“There are many awards in the agency industry – some more serious than others. But MyImage is the only assessment determined solely by customers and the market. We believe that is somehow more interesting than what we, in various industry juries, think about each other. An agency makes its living from two things: good customers and good staff. So, yes, we are really proud of the assessment, of which the survey is an expression. It is extremely important to us that our customers feel we deliver value to their companies, and that they want to think in terms of long-term, strategic cooperation with us.”

The attribute “Strategic strength” is a parameter, in which those marketing professionals involved clearly highlight Magnetix as the leading agency in Denmark. Meanwhile, in the sub-parameters, such as “Good at creating results”, “Good at integrating communication solutions”, “Good web analytics skills” and “Good at deploying the latest digital knowledge,” Magnetix is in the Top 3.

Source: MyImage 2015, MyResearch

Source: MyImage 2015, MyResearch


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