MyImage 2019: Magnetix Linked by Isobar crowned the strongest digital agency in the country

Thursday, January 10, 2019

768 Danish marketing executives have spoken. Magnetix Linked by Isobar is indisputably the strongest digital agency in Denmark. In terms of all parameters - from desire to do business with an agency to assessment of an agency’s competencies - Magnetix comes out on top.

If you ask top Danish marketing executives who they would consider working with, nearly every one of them picks Magnetix. This is revealed in this year’s image analysis: MyImage 2019 from MyResearch.

Once again this year, MyResearch asked Danish decision-makers for their views on agencies. Just as in the past five years, Magnetix was the undisputed winner.

Best for business - and everything that creates and shapes it

The MyImage analysis identifies a number of reputation parameters, which together yield a score for an agency’s strength in the market. In terms of the total score – known as the Brand Power Index – Magnetix is more than 50% ahead of numbers 2 and 3. In fact, the agency is so far ahead that the distance from number 1 (Magnetix) to number 2 is 40% greater than the distance between number 2 and number 15.

The market evaluation of digital agencies in a number of different areas forms the basis for the score. Magnetix comes first in all of those areas. We are particularly proud of being 70% ahead of the runner up in terms of understanding clients’ business, 141% in terms of strategic strength and 222% in terms of our capacity to generate results.

Martin Bochineck, CEO of Magnetix and Isobar Nordics, can’t hide how delighted he is with the results:

In recent years we have seen that for clients, the ability of an agency to impact their business is playing an increasingly important role. Being technically or creatively skilled is no longer sufficient. Our priority has always been our clients’ business. I think the MyImage results show that we have actually succeeded in unifying strategy, business understanding, creativity and technical competence. Couldn’t that be why so many companies want to work with us?


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