Still rated the best digital agency

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Once again this year the MyImage analysis rates Magnetix the strongest digital agency in Denmark.

“2016 was a rite of passage for Magnetix,” says Martin Bochineck, CEO. “Last summer we officially became part of the Isobar brand and invested a lot of effort in our new international setup. So we are delighted that MyImage 2017 endorses that we have survived the merger with our brand intact.”

The strongest brand in the industry for the fourth year in a row

This year, MyResearch, which is responsible for the annual survey of agencies’ reputations, gathered responses from the marketing directors of 708 Danish companies, both large and small. The survey reveals the decision-makers’ perception of media agencies, advertising agencies and digital agencies. Isobar Magnetix belongs to the latter category and, for the fourth year in a row, comes out as the agency with the undisputedly strongest brand.

MyImage 2017 divides the agencies’ images into two dimensions: ‘Brand Strength’, which refers to a company’s commercial momentum; and ‘Brand Power’, which refers to the perception of an agency’s strengths and weaknesses. On both fronts Isobar Magnetix emerges as a clear winner. “It’s brilliant that we can continue to build on our momentum – it just shows that there is still plenty of potential for Isobar Magnetix in Denmark. Even though we have started to cast our glances in the direction of the other Scandinavian countries, we will continue to develop the Danish business as the core of the new Isobar Nordics,” states Martin Bochineck.

Strategic integration that creates results…

In terms of the underlying parameters, Isobar Magnetix can also report positive results. “In most areas our rating is even stronger than before,” says Martin Bochineck. “In particular I would like to emphasise the fact that, strategically, we are now the strongest agency in the industry, and that our capacity to generate results and integrate communication will only continue. This is directly in line with our strategy to deliver omnichannel solutions that create business value.”

Top 5 MyImage

  1. Magnetix (1)
  2. 1508 (10)
  3. Think Digital (6)
  4. Creuna (3)
  5. Hello Group (4)

Top 5 Brand Strength

  1. Magnetix (1)
  2. Creuna (2)
  3. 1508 (9)
  4. Think Digital (7)
  5. IIH Nordic (8)

Top 5 Brand oPsition

  1. Magnetix (2)
  2. Vertica (1)
  3. Think Digital (10)
  4. 1508 (11)
  5. Hello Group (16)


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