Yet another strong image measurement for Magnetix

Thursday, January 14, 2016

For the third year in a row, Magnetix took first place in the annual industry survey, MyImage. The agency is progressing on all parameters and increased its lead over other digital agencies.

The results of the annual image survey of the agency sector have just been published. The survey is carried out by MyResearch together with Bureaubiz. As has been the case for many years, decision makers such as marketing directors or digital directors were asked about their awareness and opinions of Danish media, advertising and digital agencies. 704 of them responded to the survey. 

"There are many prizes and awards in our industry, but MyImage is distinguished by being the market's, and thus our customers’ judgement, and naturally enough that matters to us. The results for 2015 are very encouraging," says CEO Martin Bochinek. "All Magnetix employees have made a huge effort to deliver for our customers, and this survey proves that that effort was successful and that we're on the right track. We are exceptionally happy about that."

Magnetix came first in the 2014 survey. In 2015, that no. 1 position was retained and the lead over the rest of the industry has increased this year. "In addition to delivering great service and value-creating solutions to our customers, we've also worked on becoming better known in the industry. For several years we flew under the radar, but now we are making a name for ourselves."

Brand Power Index: 

  • 225: Magnetix
  • 142: Vertica
  • 140: Creuna
  • 139: Hello Group
  • 119: Valtech
  • 114: Think! Digital
  • 114: In2Media
  • 111: IH Nordic
  • 108: Vertic
  • 107: 1508

Spurce: MyImage 2016, MyResearch

Brand Power - what is it?

MyImage’s ranking is based on MyResearch's Brand Power model. Brand Power is calculated as an average of Brand Strength, which is focused on familiarity and pitch intention, and Brand Position, which consists of a series of qualitative parameters such as ability to create results, strategic consultation and creative strength.


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