The 2014 MyImage analysis has just been published

Friday, January 17, 2014

Magnetix has the best reputation among digital agencies.

“You could say that this is the culmination of 13 years of dedication and focus.”  Magnetix’s founder and CEO, Martin Bochineck, is talking about this year’s MyImage analysis, which states that Magnetix has the strongest image in the business. “For 13 years we have been pursuing the same vision: the convergence of web and dialogue. We have gradually refined our methods and developed our skills, along the way delivering convincing results for our clients. I regard this number-one ranking as an unequivocal recognition, not only of our vision, but also of our capacity to deliver on it,” says Bochineck. 

556 decision-makers passed judgement
The MyImage analysis asks Danish heads of marketing and CEOs about their knowledge and perception of agencies in Denmark. This year 556 of them took part in the survey, assessing agencies on the basis of a wide range of parameters: from knowledge and the desire to collaborate, to a number of specific image issues. The results are summarised in a so-called “Brand Power Index”, which provides a consolidated expression of how popular an agency is. The result is that Magnetix emerged as the top “digital agency” of 2014. The other two categories in the survey are “advertising agencies” and “media agencies”. 

The fantastic result is particularly due to the fact that several companies consider it attractive to collaborate with Magnetix, and that the agency has a clear and convincing profile in the industry. Thus, Magnetix is assessed as #1 for “Strategic strength” and #2 for: “Excellent at integrating communication solutions,” “Excellent at creating results” and “Standing out from other agencies.”

COO Christina Rind Helsbro adds: “We are very humbled by the praise we have been given. The agency has grown substantially in recent years. Usually it is hard for companies in our sector to sustain quality and profitability during a period of major growth. That makes us even prouder that we have succeeded in creating solutions which not only demonstrably move our clients’ business, but also earn money. It is vital that we continue to keep the balance.”

She goes on to praise Magnetix’s 100 employees. “This has only been possible because there is no doubt that we have the best staff in the business.”


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