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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Together with Magnetix, PFA will introduce you to your pensioner self, and help you to answer the question: What does your older self think about you?

"Pension is boring". "Pension is so far in the future". This is how a lot of Danes think when they consider retirement. Especially those aged 30 - 40 seem to have difficulty imagining life after working life. So much so, that they don't save enough to be able to realise their dreams. They risk a poor retirement. Yet these same people are the ones who would love to travel and dine out at gourmet restaurants - which may already be part of the life they live right now, here in the present. With Magnetix on board as strategic partners, concept developers and creative leaders, PFA has created a campaign that focuses on engaging this specific target group in retirement so they can make their dreams into reality.


What does your older self think about you?


With a thorough strategic process as the foundation for the campaign, it became evident that the conceptual and creative work should be something particular to get the audience's attention. It should be satirical, humourous and relevant, to get past those intial reactions of "boring" and "moralising". It should be something that served as an effective eye opener with a clear and thoughtful message:


"The focal point of the campaign is the digital tool at Here the user meets his/her older self - using face recognition - and finds out about the pension likely awaiting him/her in the future. The user tells a little about themselves - salary, pension savings and lifestyle. And the tool generates a pension that indicates what percent of the current salary would be paid spread out over a retirement preiod of 20 years. If the pension rate is low, the user's older self will not be kind. If it is high, the user will likely receive praise and compliments. In this way, it is like self-counseling. You hear it from the horse's own mouth instead of PFA's. Everything is done with a hint of playfulness, but of course, also with an seriousness that will inspire the user think and act," say Kaspar Monberg and Peter Porsmose, Creative Directors at Magnetix.

A multi-channel campaign from Magnetix

The campaign also consists of commercials, SoMe and banner advertisments, to bring traffic to the digital tool. Humour and satire are the red thread throughout all the communication.Rasmus Botoft and Lisbeth Wulff play the younger selves - living a carefree life without thought for their elderly selves. This is particularly epitomised in the commercial video, where they indulge in oysters and lobsters at an expensive restaurant. They do not realise how their actions and consumption in the present day contribute to their future quality of life. Their elderly selves travel back to the present to observe - without being able to intervene, as their younger selves consume greedily. "What about us?", they ask. But they are not heard. There is nothing they can do. The money is spent, and retirement will be a shadow of the life they once had.

"It's a big challenge to get this target group to take an interest in pension, but in cooperation with Magnetix we have managed to create an exciting, fun and indirect campaign that puts pension on the agenda of the Danes who will likely reach retirement without the funds to realise their dreams, and experience a 'good life' in older age. It is life in older age we want to help to improve at PFA," says Mette Nielsen, Marketing Strategist at PFA.

Kaspar Monberg

Kaspar Monberg

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Peter Porsmose

Peter Porsmose

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