Tivoli wins international Oracle prize

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Oracle’s prestigious Markie Awards have just been presented in London. Tivoli won the Best Cross-Channel Marketing Programme award for their years of collaboration with Magnetix.

The award for Best Cross-Channel Marketing Programme is presented to the company which is “best at generating personalised communication for customers across digital channels.” This is precisely the mission that Tivoli and Magnetix embarked upon when they started their association in 2012. Ever since, they have worked with determination towards a perfect interaction between website, e-commerce, mobile solution, app, self-service machines in the Gardens, emails and physical letters — transforming a visitor’s encounter with Tivoli into a totally fascinating experience.

Thomas Erichsen, Tivioli’s Head of Marketing, was more than satisfied when he received the award:

“We are incredibly proud to win a Markie Award for Best Cross-Channel Marketing. We won in the equivalent category in the Danish Internet Awards, but this award demonstrates that we have also come a long way in international terms. We are happy to witness an acknowledgement of our strategic work. It testifies to a solid foundation for our future work and the journey towards a genuine omni-channel customer experience,” says Thomas Erichsen.

Magnetix, who has just been nominated as an Oracle Gold Partner, is also excited about the award. “It’s hard to imagine an award that comes closer to everything we stand for in Magnetix. Our mission is to set new standards for customer relationships based on knowledge and the intelligent deployment of technology — and that is the very essence of this award. To see an acknowledgement of our work with Tivoli at the very highest international level is a very big deal,” says Martin Bochineck, CEO. “It proves that we don’t need to hide in the shadow of ‘the big international agencies’. Our combination of strategic, technological and creative expertise is already of international class.”

In the Best Cross-Channel Marketing Programme category, Tivoli was in competition with international giants such as the Fortune500 companies W.W. Grainger and Rockwell Automation. But it was the Copenhagen amusement park and its wealth of tradition that won the prize, proving that 170 years are nothing for a company who intends to lead the way and stand at the digital front line.

Oracle’s Markie Awards are presented in London as part of the annual Modern Marketing Experience conference.

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