Louis Poulsen casts the spotlight on digital ambitions

Friday, January 6, 2017

Louis Poulsen wants to provide customers with even more powerful digital experiences – and this iconic, Danish lighting manufacturer has chosen Magnetix to help them with the task.

Basically it is all about enhancing Louis Poulsen’s online presence and making an already strong brand even stronger. As David Obel Rosenkvist, Louis Poulsen’s Director of Brand and Communications, says: “We want to put extra pressure on our digital ambitions – and we’re really looking forward to doing that together with Magnetix.”

A strong brand on a bold journey

Naturally, Magnetix’s Chief Commercial Officer, Christina Rind Helsbro is delighted about the new cooperation: “Louis Poulsen is an icon. They literally ‘illuminate’ both Denmark and the rest of the world. We will help spread knowledge of the Louis Poulsen brand, making sure that the communication impacts every single customer or potential customer with maximum effect.  It’s a wonderful journey to be on.”


The project will also embrace an enormous range of tasks. It is not only that Louis Poulsen’s famous designer lamps have won the company respect throughout most of the world. Louis Poulsen also offers all types of lighting, so has many different market segments with vastly different requirements within both B2B and B2C. 


The work is in full swing


It is still too early to give specific examples, but to sum up Christina Rind Helsbro says: “We will be Louis Poulsen’s digital agency and help them with our expertise – both at the high level, in terms of digital strategy, and right down at the nitty-gritty level, putting solutions together and implementing them – and the work is in full swing.”

Janne Aunvig

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