L’Oréal in Nordic partnership with Isobar and Magnetix to elevate customer experience

Monday, October 15, 2018

In 2017, L’Oréal went looking for a new creative and CRM agency to help with the marketing efforts across the Nordics. After an extensive agency pitch process, L’Oréal Nordics chose Isobar as their new creative and strategic marketing partner.

The partnership has now grown to span Nordic content and campaign work across all digital channels for many of the brands in the L’Oréal family, including Vichy, La Roche Posay, Garnier, Maybelline and Nyx Professional Makeup. In addition, Isobar has been chosen as the preferred CRM partner for all of the L’Oréal brands operating in the Nordics, in an effort to strengthen L’Oréal’s capabilities within marketing automation and data-driven marketing. 

A move towards a more consumer-centric marketing

According to Matthijs van der Putten, L’Oréal’s Chief Marketing Officer for the Nordics, the partnership is part of an evolution towards stronger consumer focus for L’Oréal. “We saw a need to move beyond the way the industry traditionally has approached marketing; the beauty industry is so occupied with introducing the next great product, and in the quest for newness it’s easy to forget the consumer. We wanted to move to a more consumer-centric marketing, with a focus on building and developing an audience, growing our own channels and closing the gap between the brand experience and the purchase experience. With its strong track record in CRM, Isobar has the perfect consumer-focused mindset to help us on that journey.”

Martin Bochineck, CEO of Isobar Nordics, adds: “At Isobar, we’re fascinated with the idea of brand commerce, the philosophy of bringing the point of inspiration and the point of transaction closer together, to create a more natural and delightful purchase experience, and we feel there’s a huge potential within the beauty industry in this regard.” 

A strategic cross-border partnership

To Martin Bochineck, the L’Oréal partnership is important for number of reasons: “This is exactly the kind of clients we dreamed about when we merged into Isobar two years ago. We knew we could never deliver on this kind of cross-border creative and strategic partnership unless we became truly Nordic, and I’m very proud of the new infrastructure we have built together with L’Oréal. It allows us to publish at scale and with local flair, supported by our offices in Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo and Göteborg – and it allows the marketing team at L’Oréal to focus on the things they do best, building strong, vibrant brands.”

Matthijs van der Putten echoes the sentiment: “The central challenge for an international marketing organization like ours is how we marry local relevancy with global impact. How can we be both agile and local enough to be relevant and present in the always ongoing social media conversations around our brands, while still benefitting from our global size and reach. I feel like we’re on a very promising journey towards solving this challenge.” 

A future-proof partnership constellation

The hub of the partnership is the Copenhagen offices of Magnetix linked by Isobar, where Client Service Director Louise Dam heads up a team of a total 21 people working on the account, while coordinating with the Nordic sister offices. “We’re really excited about the work we’re doing for L’Oréal, “says Louise Dam. “There’s so much potential here to really become the leading digital player in the beauty industry. These are brands that resonate extremely deeply with the people who use them, and to be able to work on building those relationships is an exhilarating task. A lot of people are expecting us to get their favorite brand justright, but we also have to challenge their perception and take the L’Oréal brands to new and interesting places, while balancing both the global directions from Paris and the need for local Nordic relevance. To be able to work on this across so many brands and across all the Nordic countries is a real privilege, but we have built a setup that really positions us well for the future”.


Louis Dam​

Louise Dam

Client Service Director

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