The new brings the experience even closer

Friday, April 1, 2016

“Explore – plan – book” is the mantra at the heart of the new, which the company has just launched in partnership with Magnetix. It is all about bringing the experience even closer from the very first click.

Creative indicators

The look of the new site is all about time for comfort, fun and being together in ideal environments for the busy family with young children.

  • Closer to the experience
  • The sense of intimacy and togetherness
  • A playful look
  • Reflection of children’s experiences
  • Quality time for families 

Light and flexible despite great use of graphics

The new responsive site makes much greater use of video and images than before. This made great demands on technical development and execution in terms of guaranteeing excellent performance and a fluid experience. At the same time, there is now a much more cohesive presentation of the content to enhance the flow experience instead of one click after another.

Flexibility in relation to back-end

In the technical construction we focused on maximum flexibility. Changing prices is a top priority for a holiday resort like Lalandia in terms of seasons, occupancy and locations, so we incorporated yielding (varying prices) into the core of the solution. There is also the option of adding more holiday resorts to the existing ones at Rødby and Billund.


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