HK encouraging good colleague karma throughout 2015

Friday, November 20, 2015

HK focuses on good work environments and encourages Danish workers to encourage "good colleague karma" using a cross-channel campaign that ran throughout 2015.

2015 was HK's year of the work environment, and every effort was deployed to improve Danish workplace environments. The psychological working environment is particularly important in office workplaces and one which HK's members care about. This was, therefore, central to our efforts. 

Good colleagues are the starting point

HK's aim is to contribute to an improved work environment, while simultaneously positioning itself as an active player in the area. But how do you make the psychological work environment relevant and accessible to the wider public? Our approach was to encourage Danes to encourage good colleague karma using an intensive, cross-channel campaign that ran throughout the entire year. 

First good karma, then the big awards ceremony

The campaign developed by Magnetix and &Co had two phases: In the first phase, HK encouraged its members and others to encourage good colleague karma in their workplace and to cultivate good working relations in their daily lives and on digital media. The second phase centred on nominating and selecting Denmark's Best Colleague from workplaces across the country.

The campaign was rolled out on all relevant channels, both offline and online. The central focal points consisted of a campaign website that offered a ten-day Colleague Karma Challenge and a Facebook community that gathered reports of initiatives on good working environments. The message was spread using digital advertising, email, YouTube, Facebook, radio, outdoor advertising and TV. The campaign climaxed with the crowning of Denmark's Best Colleague at the Great Place to Work Conference on November 17 at Cirkusbygningen in Copenhagen, where Great Place to Work also selected Denmark's Best Workplace.


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