Flügger takes colour advice to the next level

Friday, November 27, 2015

Before your living room gets a new coat of fashionable white paint, there is now an expanded range of options for testing colours, tones, nuances and combinations. And all at your fingertips with Flügger Colour Selector, developed by Magnetix in partnership with Flügger Farver.


Inspiration and colour card in one.

Flügger Colour Selector combines inspiration and the traditional colour card into one digital entity. You can easily and intuitively gain an overview of the colour palettes suitable for various surfaces. You can drag colours on to walls, skirting boards, ceilings and more, save favourites and have them emailed to you, ready to bring to the nearest Flügger store. 

Intuitive ’smoothness’

Flügger Farver and Magnetix’s Colour Selector has pushed the limits of using on-line technology and expanded the general understanding of what a website can do for users. Intuitive navigation principles create a tool that opens up new possibilities for you at home on your sofa, but also for Flügger store employees. 

The emphasis is on fun and enjoyment. You can jump back and forth between the living room, bathroom or picket garden fence - and all with very smooth transitions, easy navigation and 100% focus on colour.

Flügger Colour Selector is available on flugger.dkflugger.se and flugger.no – and customer feedback has been very positive. But judge for yourself.    

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