“Great start” generates healthy habits at Fitness dk

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Magnetix and fitness dk are launching a new welcome programme. Based on the personal fitness objectives of new members, it provides personalised, automated advice, and motivation and inspiration.

Most of us have been there. With great optimism you embark on a new healthy lifestyle, but within the space of just a few weeks your good intentions have failed. The fact of the matter is that you do not create good habits in a couple of weeks. On the contrary. Both research and experience claim that it takes more like 100 days to bring about real change.

Based on that knowledge, Magnetix have created a new welcome programme for fitness dk members. It is an email-based programme, which, in the course of the first 100 days, provides personalised, automated advice, and motivation and inspiration. Whatever the fitness objectives of the new member – weight loss, improved physical fitness, increased well-being or a more attractive body – she or he receives both a customised work-out programme and, if necessary, a dietary plan, recommendations for specific classes and exercises, and a wealth of inspiring information on the subject of diet, exercise and motivation.

During the first 100 days, members will receive an on-going update of how frequently they have been working out, and of their progress towards the goals they have set themselves. The programme is based on the Responsys Oracle platform and takes into account a wide range of variables: from fitness experience and fitness ambitions to gender, weight and level of activity.

“fitness dk are unique when it comes to quality advice for any market segment. In this respect, the new welcome programme underpins everything we stand for: bespoke advice to motivate and inspire you to keep going and achieve your goals,” says Christian Rau, Sales and Marketing Director of fitness dk. “It provides our members with an excellent introduction to our universe and a perfect starting point for all the future dialogue we like to create with all our members.”

Nicholai Reinseth, Creative Director of Magnetix, worked personally on the strategy for the project: “More than anything, we regard this project as a really positive approach to customer satisfaction and loyalty marketing. Many companies have a very defensive attitude, when it comes to reducing churn and retaining customers. They simply react to signs of crisis in customer relations. But fitness dk are investing time and energy in providing an excellent welcome; not just a frigid welcome email. We believe it has huge potential. Both we and fitness dk believe that providing members or customers with the best conceivable start creates an enormous amount of loyalty. They immediately get a sense of full value for their money.”

If you would like to discover fitness dk’s new welcome programme in practice, you can simply join any fitness dk centre and say “yes” to the 100-day programme. Maybe it will even lead you towards new, improved habits?


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