danbolig moves into mobile reality

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

danbolig is launching the real estate sector’s first responsive website, ultimately providing house hunters and sellers with the most convincing experience on every screen.

Now it’s a fact: the Internet has become mobile. For more and more websites, the majority of users are on their smart phones and tablets. The same applies to danbolig, who crossed the magic threshold during summer 2014.

As one of the largest real estate chains, danbolig chose to take on the mobile challenge. Launching the industry’s first responsive web solution gives danbolig a golden opportunity to get one step ahead of their competitors. The site, which went live on September 17, 2014, was designed and developed by danbolig’s regular web and dialogue partner, Magnetix. It is a vital step towards assuming the leading digital position in the sector.

The responsive design was created to provide home-sellers with the very best conditions for marketing their properties. It was designed at a time when house hunting can be done on a mobile phone, while travelling on the bus, or while sitting with an iPad in one hand and a remote control in the other. Therefore, it's vital that the property is presented properly, wherever the buyer happens to be.

danbolig’s innovative house hunting will come into its own even more in the new web solution. Here it has been given pride of place on the site’s landing page, in the simple recognition that this is what the users come for. Now, no one can doubt that the search engine on danbolig.dk is of a completely different calibre than traditional housing searches — or that danbolig is serious when they say they want to be the leaders.

“danbolig’s new website was conceived and built to provide our customers — house-sellers — with the best platform on which to present their properties. The platform was created to give house-buyers the best imaginable experience on PC, tablet and mobile phone,” says Anne Mette Koch, Commercial Manager of danbolig. “Our user studies show that the most important thing for home buyers is large, informative, detailed photos. So of course that is at the very heart of this solution. The studies also show that users have very clear expectations about a solution that gives them focus and comprehensive information in a logical, progressive hierarchy. That is why we have created a very focused solution, in which everything is given uncompromised priority - for the sake of the customers,” emphasises Koch.

Ulrik Mailand

Ulrik Mailand

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