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Thursday, December 21, 2017

In cooperation with Magnetix, danbolig now offer a new digital service that allows you to explore Denmark’s 2,000 neighbourhoods. Welcome to Our Neighbourhoods.

Every estate agent knows it. Location is one, if not the, major factor when it comes to valuing a home. It may be the home we are buying. But it is the neighbourhood we are moving to.

That is why danbolig were keen to strengthen their digital presence. They wanted to provide Danes with better knowledge of our neighbourhoods and show that the country is bigger than our back gardens. The result is Our Neighbourhoods – an integrated service on danbolig.dk, which combines statistical data about the special features of the neighbourhoods with user-created content that turns local knowledge into national knowledge.

“When we’re looking for a new place to live, we crave more and more knowledge about the area surrounding the house. We want to live somewhere we feel at home. The idea of the service is to provide that local knowledge, no matter what part of the country you’ve got your eye on. It will provide better property searches and make danbolig.dk even stronger,” says Ulrik Mailand, Client Service Director at Magnetix.

What type of person lives there?

Our Neighbourhoods will present the user with an interactive map of Denmark, showing more than 2,000 neighbourhoods.

In locations ranging from Gedser to Skagen, you can get stuck in and find out what your future neighbours are like. In Gadevang are the residents mainly families with children or singles? What do people get up to in Risskov? What type of person feels at home in Inner Nørrebro?

The service is based on data from Geomatic, processed and presented alongside properties for sale. This enhances the user’s property search by transforming location into more than just a postal code and the distance to the nearest school.

Digital estate agents

For some time now, danbolig have been at the forefront of the estate agency digitisation race. danbolig were the first agency in the industry to come up with a responsive, mobile-optimised site. The site has also been awarded several prizes since the launch of danbolig.dk in 2014.

So Our Neighbourhoods is a natural development for danbolig. It is an obvious step in terms of retaining their excellent position:

“We work constantly to improve our role as your local, personal estate agency. As far as we’re concerned, Our Neighbourhoods really does the trick. It’s an important digital tool for both buyers and sellers, providing an excellent local experience and unique knowledge that you can’t find anywhere else. You’re not only buying a home, you’re also buying everything around it,” says Anne Mette Koch, CCO at danbolig.

Put your neighbourhood on the map

In addition to the statistical data, it will soon be possible for all users to mark favourite places in their area on Our Neighbourhoods. That will enable us tell the story of our neighbourhoods. Alongside the data-based knowledge, a person searching for a home will be presented with all the good shortcuts, climbing frames and ice cream stalls, you name it – the features that really make a neighbourhood local.

The aim is to give users the freedom to describe what makes the place they live in so wonderful. At the same time buyers will acquire local knowledge of their future home, something that normally takes months.

Ulrik Mailand

Ulrik Mailand

Alliance Director

+45 40408073