COWI build digital bridge between business areas

Friday, September 8, 2017

Magnetix has won a fantastic project for the leading consultancy group, COWI. The group want to develop a digital strategy and a new website, which will consolidate the company’s many services with an innovative presentation of inspiration and information for visitors.

COWI work on projects all over the world in the fields of planning, environment, traffic, IT, construction and socio-economics, and the projects are becoming increasingly larger and more complex. For a global, wide-ranging and innovative company with a tag line that states: “LEADING CONSULTING GROUP WITH A 360° APPROACH”, what was needed was a digital strategy and website that would also reflect this: a strategy that would unite the company’s many services into a single COWI, making those services, both as a business partner and an employer, crystal clear and easily accessible. 

First stage of the digital journey

The first part of the digital road map is, which will be the key element in the overall ecosystem. The priority will be to present targeted, relevant content for the website’s various market segments, creating integration with relevant tools such as Employer Branding and social media. Visitors to the site will encounter a single COWI across markets with the same high quality content. Finding content will be intuitive, so all visitors will get exactly what they came to look for. 

The idea is also for the new to become an inspirational experience that arouses curiosity and leaves a lasting impression. In a confident and credible way it needs to reflect the fact that COWI are global leaders in their field, and to express how COWI set standards in terms of approach and attitude, when it comes to society at large, climate, sustainability etc.

“The new website must not only organise our content into a more logical structure. We will also utilise the platform for meeting our customers, business partners and staff in a way we’ve never done before. I’m really excited about the opportunities and prospects this will lead to,” says Michael Pedersen, COWI’S Vice President, Corporate People & Communication.

Magnetix’s CCO, Christina Rind Helsbro adds: “The development of solutions and transformation processes for knowledge-intensive companies is always a fascinating process, and we are delighted to be embarking on this journey.”

About COWI


A leading consulting group organised in 3 regions – Denmark, Norway and Sweden – and with branches and companies in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and North America.


In Denmark they have been involved in projects such as the Copenhagen Metro, the DR Concert Hall, the Royal Danish Playhouse, the Great Belt Fixed Link and the Øresund Bridge.


COWI was founded in 1930.

Caroline Bernsdorf

Caroline Bernsdorf

Senior Consultant

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