Denmark's best-run digital agency

Friday, October 9, 2015

Every year, Computerworld takes the temperature of the IT industry. For the third year running, Magnetix have come out on top in the field of “Digital Marketing”.

Every year, the magazine Computerworld publishes its major “Top 100”, having analysed and ranked companies working in the IT sector. The ranking is based on how well companies are performing on the market. In this year’s analysis (2015), for the third time, Magnetix have landed the title of Denmark’s Best-Run Digital Agency. In terms of the entire IT industry, the agency is ranked number 20.

According to Magnetix CEO, Martin Bochineck, these excellent results should be regarded more as knock-on effects than as goals: “Being the best-run agency is not one of our goals. Of course, any company has to make money. But efficiency is principally about focus and expertise. We are very clear about what types of projects we tackle and what we turn down. And we are extremely conscious of how we manage the various projects. But focus and methodology are not enough. You also need the strongest talents and the very best skills. In that respect, Magnetix have a very high level,” he stresses.

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