Best omni-channel company

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Congratulations to Brødrene Dahl: FDIH has just awarded their E-Commerce prize. After winning the best B2B-company prize last year, Brødrene Dahl has also claimed this year’s prize for the best omni-channel company.

The Omni-Channel prize is awarded to a company “which provides customers with a holistic experience, regardless of how they choose to interact with the company.” Brødrene Dahl have managed to integrate their services across channels, both online and offline, so customers receive relevant communication on the specific channels that suit them best. This applies regardless of whether the customer is a self-employed plumber or an installation company with 100 employees, whether they mainly use the physical shop or the online shop, or whether they prefer to receive email news directly on their mobile phones.

But it is not only a technical solution which led to Brødrene Dahl’s win. It is their will and capacity to operate a long-term strategy focused on the customer and built on a solid foundation of insight and analysis — for example, comprehensive data mining of 31,000,000 customer transactions.

Most importantly, Brødrene Dahl can see the customer behind the numbers. All transaction data, from both physical stores and, are translated into personalised service in which the individual customer gets the right offer at the right time, and at the right, individual price.

Ambitious strategies require excellent collaboration. Brødrene Dahl’s omni-channel initiatives are the result of collaboration with both Magnetix and Vertica — an alliance which has won them recognition. For example, their successful eService customer programme won the Insight Prize at last year’s Rambuk awards. More importantly, it has also led to results. 70% of the market now remember Brødrene Dahl’s marketing, compared to 50% the previous year; and the turnover on item numbers has risen by an impressive 300%.

It pays to focus on the customer.

Congratulations to Brødrene Dahl on their E-Commerce prize. We really look forward to working with them in the future.

See more about eService in marketing here (in Danish).

Jimmi Eriksen

Director of Campaign Services, Partner

(+45) 8838 3010