Brødrene Dahl Honoured for Omnichannel

Monday, May 28, 2018

FDIH just awarded the coveted E-Commerce prize, and once again this year Brødrene Dahl was the winner – this time in the Best Omnichannel Company category.

This is the seventh time that Magnetix and Brødrene Dahl have won an e-commerce award for their endeavours in creating a cohesive customer experience across all digital and physical contact points. Their collaboration is almost seven years old.

The Jury justified the award by acknowledging that Brødrene Dahl“has once again raised the bar in terms of how Danish companies can use data. The company’s strategic and visionary use of data and new technologies creates a personal and excellently conceived experience, which guarantees new and satisfied customers in a highly competitive industry. In short, Brødrene Dahl is a unique company that has impressed the jury and inspires its competitors.”

Brødrene Dahl’s platform is in a state of constant evolution. One of Brødrene Dahl’s new initiatives is an ‘industry scanner’, which helps Brødrene Dahl’s customers by providing an instant overview of the price level for a given product on the B2C market. That means an individual tradesman can offer their own customers attractive and competitive pricing.

Recently the plumbing wholesaler also launched ‘E-plan’: a service that helps Brødrene Dahl’s customers to develop and optimise their business, based on their purchase history, so they can receive recommendations for changing purchase patterns and delivery methods.

At Magnetix, Jimmi Eriksen (Client Service Director) is both delighted and proud, both about the award and the continued cooperation: “Our partnership with Brødrene Dahl means a lot to us, both because it covers everything from strategy and advice to implementation and optimisation, and also because it supports our own mission to deliver coherent omnichannel customer experiences.”

Jimmi Eriksen stresses the work on creating greater correlation between physical shops and digital channels: for example, by linking the app and in-store displays. He regards this as one of the most fascinating aspects of working with Brødrene Dahl, something that would not have been possible without such strong collaboration:

“This prize is a reward for long and dedicated effort. We have succeeded in building a joint team, in which everyone at Brødrene Dahl and all of us here in Meldahlsgade are passionate about constantly improving the customer experience. We are incredibly proud of this year’s award, not least because we were in competition with a very strong field of highly accomplished B2C companies who have also managed to make huge progress.”

Jimmi Eriksen

Director of Campaign Services, Partner

(+45) 8838 3010