BankNordik opens with Magnetix on board

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

SDC – formerly ‘Sparekassernes Datacentraler’ – has 120 bank clients in the Nordic region, all of which will be part of the new open banking platform

It will be ‘open’ in the sense that the banks will provide third-party suppliers with access to their APIs, and thereby a free hand to create new services and programmes to enhance customer experience. Magnetix is SDC’s agency partner and has just launched BankNordik’s brand new digital platform: initially for the bank’s open sites. 

Christina Rind Helsbro, CCO at Magnetix says: “BankNordik’s new website paves the way for even more positive customer experiences. In addition to a better aesthetic and intuitive experience, we will get closer to the needs of each customer. So, as a result, BankNordik will be able to provide even better personal advice. That is absolutely crucial when it comes to creating good, strong relationships with one’s customers. Initially the solution will only cover the open sites, but the overall project for SDC will result in a seamless user journey across all digital solutions – open, closed, web and app – which is extremely cutting edge in the banking world. The solution is based on Sitecore, ReAct and ReAct Native.”   

Bank with a human touch

BankNordik’s new platform does away with unnecessary complexity and an inside-out focus in order to meet customers at their level. This creates more of a sense of security and paves the way for discussion about something as basic and personal as private finances. The communication is divided into phases of life and focuses on everything from family life, housing and retirement to more critical situations such as illness, divorce or unemployment. Based on his or her behaviour on the site, the individual customer will encounter targeted messages and customised solutions. BankNordik’s customers can now look forward to banking advice that is seriously personal and actually easy to understand.  

Louis Dam​

Louise Dam

Client Service Director

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