BankNordik Bans Gibberish

Friday, November 9, 2018

New BankNordik campaign developed with Magnetix tackles banking gibberish. Finally, a bank that everyone can understand.

Based on the fact that over 50% of Danes genuinely do not understand the language banks use, BankNordik is on a mission: To be Denmark’s first gibberish-free bank.  

“The campaign aims to increase the knowledge of BankNordik in Denmark and to launch ourselves as the bank whose advice is easy to understand. And the bank that listens and wants to understand. We say things in a language not traditionally used by banks, allowing room for self-deprecating humour and a passion for making our own communication clearer. The campaign represents a movement that aims to re-establish and build trust in banks. And we hope the Danes think this is important. Especially in current times.” Turið F. Arge, Business Director, BankNordik.

A campaign that both challenges and entertains 

The campaign consists of several elements that direct you towards the campaign site (gibberish-free now). Here you can view a short film about Lars the Banker who suffers from gibberish-speak. The film is six minutes long, thereby challenging the common perception that the shorter the video, the higher the VTR (View Through Rate). 

“The campaign aims to effectively cut through all the nonsense and to leave a strong emotional impression of the brand. So we need more than just 5 seconds to connect and stir emotions. But we also reward those who spend time on our content with an experience, as a thank you for their attention. That’s why we made a well-produced short film that delivers the message in a subtle and entertaining way, to make people feel that we really do care. We naturally also have shorter formats for Facebook, for example, but the short film is the hero content and we strongly believe that good content will be received with a high VTR and a durable impression of the brand.”  - Peter Porsmose and Kaspar Monberg, Creative Directors, Magnetix. 

The short film was directed by Klaus Spendser and produced by Octopuss.

Gibberish button for customers 

On, you can also try out the Gibberish game and learn more about BankNordik’s mission and initiatives to ban gibberish throughout the bank. One example is the Gibberish button on, which visitors can use to forward any gibberish they spot on the website to the bank. The button is proof that good advice starts with listening to customer input and reacting to it. 

“The campaign is part of a bigger movement towards understanding and engaging with consumers. And getting input from them about what we can do better in the future, such as simplifying communication to customers across channels, and also generally giving both existing and new customers a service with a difference. The Gibberish button and revision of bank letters are just the first examples of this movement, which has now been launched.” – Louise Nørgaard Dam, Client Service Director, Magnetix.

Magnetix delivers all round

The cross-channel campaign was supplied and devised by Magnetix, while dentsu X, which is based in the same location, is in charge of the media strategy and media buying.

“The campaign is a great example of the synergy that occurs when creatives and media consultants work closely together. It helps create holistic, durable and effective media solutions for our customers.” - Andreas Backe, Media Director, dentsu X.

Louis Dam​

Louise Dam

Client Service Director

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