Alm. Brand ramps up its CRM

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Alm. Brand wants to be Denmark’s most customer-focused company and has now chosen Magnetix to assist it in bringing this ambitious goal to fruition.

As Alm. Brand sees it, this new collaboration is primarily about taking a further step towards providing customers with our insight and a product of relevance to them across all interfaces.

Strategies, processes, technology and execution must be integrated in order to create a positive, personal experience for our customers. This is a major challenge to take on – but the alternative is to stagnate and let our competitors take centre stage. 

‘We want to prioritise our customers and be thecompany in the financial market that best understands its customers’ wishes and needs and succeeds in considering them from every angle.’

– Simon Steen-Petersen, Marketing Director, Alm. Brand. 

Powered by Salesforce

Digital dialogue across channels is not simply a strategic choice, but also a mindset and a technical discipline.Alm. Brand utilises Salesforce and it is via Marketing Cloud that the company’s ambitions within marketing automation will be realised.

‘In light of Alm. Brand’s lofty ambitions for customer dialogue, the choice of Salesforce as a platform is ideal. It is precisely in the integration of 1-to-1 dialogue across sales, service and marketing that Salesforce really shines.’

- Thomas Gjermansen, Head of Martech, Magnetix

As far as Salesforce is concerned, Alm. Brand’s digital ambitions are a real feather in its cap. In showcasing what Salesforce can do, they make a significant contribution to positioning Salesforce – not only in Denmark but also internationally.  

At Magnetix, we are naturally also proud of the fact that Alm. Brand has chosen us as a partner. Alm. Brand is one of Denmark’s biggest and most respected brands and is ready to explore new avenues together with us. We have already begun putting in place the ideas and energy that will help achieve these major ambitions.

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Caroline Bernsdorf

Caroline Bernsdorf

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