Magnetix chosen as Alka's new dialogue agency

Friday, February 12, 2016

Alka plans to offer Denmark's best customer service in the insurance industry. Magnetix has been chosen as the new dialogue partner on the path to this ambitious goal.

Targeted communication and personal service experiences across all channels:

To create interesting, personalised, relevant and timely communication with customers is a central element in the journey towards achieving Alka's strategic goals.

Alka has set itself the strategic goal of providing Denmark's best customer experience by the year 2020. This means offering top class digital communication services - which Magnetix will help to develop. 

Jakob Spangenberg, director of Sales and Marketing with Alka, says of the choice of Magnetix as a new collaboration partner: "It's not enough to communicate precisely and with relevance via a single channel at a time, and that's why it was important to find an agency like Magnetix that can underpin our ambitions to coordinate our channels and media. Only in this way can we create a comprehensive customer experience."

Jakob Spangenberg points out that it is Alka's ambition to lead the field in the provision of personalised digital services: "Simplicity and trust are our core values. This means we must be able to offer a fast and easily understood service, preferably with the expanded self service many customers request, but still in such a way that the digital customer experience is just as secure, simple and personal as a chat with your adviser".

Rikke Clausen, partner and director with Magnetix, sees the potential to create many exciting projects with Alka.

"It's often challenging for insurance companies to create content-marketing campaigns that are actually interesting, because most people find their insurance matters a bit boring. This is also a challenge for Alka, but the company already possesses valuable experience of digitally engaging existing and potential customers, and it's this development and direction we will collaboratively strive to strengthen and evolve". 

Alka is the insurance company of the trade unions and is owned by, among others, FOA, HK, 3F and Arbejdernes Landsbank. Alka's history began in 1903 with the establishment of Arbejdernes Livsforsikringsselskab, and the name Alka was assumed following a merger in 1944.