Magnetix takes on two new partners

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The agency’s partner group will acquire enhanced technological and marketing strategy expertise with the incorporation of two new partners: CTO Robert Grøndahl Winther and Client Service Director Jimmi Eriksen.

The announcement of the two new names joining the partnership group will hardly come as a surprise to the agency’s clients or to their staff. For some time now, both men have made their mark with their indispensable contributions to the positive development of Magnetix.

After many years of management experience, CTO Robert Grøndahl Winther joined Magnetix in October 2013. He had been Head of Department for COOP IT before leading Magnetix’s 30-strong IT department during a period of major growth. “Robert is a strong and experienced manager, who in a short time has managed to strengthen our development department, both in terms of our culture and our technical expertise,” says CEO Martin Bochineck. “In addition to his management skills, he is also a strong card in our hand when it comes to advising our customers on how best to organise themselves in that cross field between IT and marketing — an area in which most companies increasingly need to take charge. That is why we consider him an obvious choice for our partner group.”

The other new arrival to the partner group is Jimmi Eriksen. He joined Magnetix in summer 2012, having worked in marketing and media consulting for a number of years for companies such as Kunde & Co and (most recently) Creuna. Since starting at Magnetix, he has done remarkable work as the marketing strategist behind the multiple-award-winning collaboration between Brødrene Dahl and Magnetix. “Jimmi is an exponent of the direction in which we dream of directing even more of our clients: an insight-based, data-driven, omni-channel marketing strategy aimed at getting as close to the client as possible, putting the client’s needs at the centre and orchestrating communication across channels. This is something that few Danish companies have accomplished successfully, but Jimmi and his clients have shown that it can be done in practice.”

The addition of the two new partners means that now the bureau has 8 partners. “Finding the right composition in the partnership group in a company such as ours is a constant process. Given that the inclusion of the previous two partners was geared to our creative dimension, it was entirely appropriate now to enhance the technical and business strategy aspects,” concludes Martin Bochineck.


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